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Dancing for the Alpha (The Willing Captive Series) Misty Corrigan

Dancing for the Alpha (The Willing Captive Series)

Misty Corrigan

Kindle Edition
17 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This alpha always get what he wants. And now, he wants youStephanies been out of jail for a year and her felony record means the only decently paying job she can get is as a stripper. When she meets the handsome, older, rich and deeply flawed Eric Rotherton, he makes her an offer she cant refuse. All she has to do is spend six months as his consensual sex slave, and shell walk away with a million dollars. The only real problem is whether shell be willing to walk away in six months, or if shell want to stay on and continue dancing for the alpha.***This sex slave story about orgasm denial, a willing captive and a hot, older dom is a 25-page serial short. Part 2 is coming soon! Click Look Inside to get a preview.**EXCERPT**“Seeing as you’re the only person in the room, yes I’m talking to you. And judging by the rigid way you’re holding your body and the drying p*ssy you’re showing, you’re lying to me. Do you want me to add another orgasm-free week to your sentence?”“No, Sir, I was thinking that there’s no way you can see inside me from that chair, so you must be looking inside me on a more philosophical level, as in seeing whether I’m compliant.”He was silent. I couldn’t see his face, so I couldn’t gauge how angry he was, but if I judged by the silence in the room, it would be pretty f*cking angry.And then, he started laughing. Really, really hard. When he stopped, he said, “That was truly unexpected. That deserves a reward. Because I’m not the kind of Master who only punishes his slave, I’m the kind of Master who also rewards her for being interesting.”Listening to him talk was bringing all my former arousal back. There was something about the combination of the meter of his speech—the measured pauses, the significant voice deepening to stress certain words—and the tone of his thick, clear voice that had an affect on my body not dissimilar to that of warm hands kneading soft dough.